We specialize in Medical, Sacred, Municipal, Commercial and Industrial spaces.

Our goal is to assist and inform you as the project progresses through its various stages. Our services include:

  • Land acquisition

  • Site analysis

  • Program analysis

  • Landscape design

  • Interior Design

  • Cost projection

  • Master planning

  • Schematic design
  • Design development

  • Construction documents
  • Color renderings and models

  • Bid/Negotiation

  • Construction administration



Designati is a group of people that have unique design sensibilities and capabilities.
We are a design and full-service architecture group bringing partners together from successful practices. Our allegiance is dedicated to three building blocks: clients, commitment and competence. The success of our firm is driven by our clients. A “hands-on” structure allows Designati to offer a high level of personal service and focus on client needs. Each partner is committed and actively participates in being the client’s leading point-of-contact throughout the lifespan of your project and beyond. Our due diligence leads to the best services. A concentrated project experience base is appealing and has resulted in repeat clients and long-term relationships. The result is a competent team that is vital to the success of each project.

Why do our clients choose Designati?

  • Responsiveness
  • Ability to manage projects
  • Previous experience with partners
  • Budget tracking
  • On-time schedule
  • Related experience in project type


D. Lynelle Dye, President & CEO
Founding member of the company. Ms. Dye is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company. Lynelle is primarily involved with marketing, customer retention and negotiation of contracts. She has more than ten years experience in the healthcare field, in addition to nine years in purchasing and program support. Lynelle performs the evaluation and selection of the consultants used on the project teams. She is responsible for project scheduling and manpower allocation, including hiring and professional development of employees.

Phillip D. Dye, Vice President — Treasurer
Principal in Charge of Finance. Mr. Dye is the financial officer of the firm. Phillip also functions as Project Architect or Project Manager in charge of a project. Mr. Dye is responsible for implementing scope definition, budget compliance, client contact and design development of a building project. Phillip is directly involved in developing the project’s design, design development, construction documents, schedules, phasing and execution. He is involved in the every day aspects of his projects, including project fulfillment of quality control, at Designati.



Planning can be defined as an intellectual discipline of “systemic thinking” or the “art of programming.”

Planning is one of the most crucial steps in the successful development of a project, albeit hard to define. Each client’s perception of planning is distinctive and each project is unique in its need for application and planning. Designati assists the client in facilitating the realization and achievement of plans, whether it is the drawing up of an organized arrangement, establishing goals, policies and procedures or in making or carrying out the plans.

Designati offers the client in the planning phase of the project the following services:

  • Adaptability and reuse
  • Artistic renderings
  • Budget development
  • Code analysis and compliance
  • Cost projection
  • Land planning
  • Master facility planning
  • Master site planning
  • Models
  • Move Coordination
  • Needs Analysis
  • Permits
  • Programming
  • Site analysis and selection
  • Space allocation
  • Zoning


Designati provides professional services to suit the needs of the client.

We consult with and bring together a networked team of accomplished professionals to provide an integrated service for each project type. This methodology brings an expertise and involvement between the client and professional team to gain a complete understanding of the goals and needs.

The professional services normally provided to develop the plans and specifications for a project and then to administer the construction phase for that building project are organized into the following phases:

  1. Planning
  2. Schematic Design
  3. Design Development
  4. Construction Documents
  5. Bid and Contract Negotiation
  6. Construction Administration
  7. Punch List and Warranties

Consultants included on the team may include structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services. Civil engineering can also be included or accomplished directly under contract to the Owner. We believe it is important to discuss and identify the project needs of the client before selecting the appropriate consultants to be part of the team to accomplish the work on the project. In this way, our fee proposal includes the work of the consultants. Designati also offers complete in-house interior design services.

The client may also wish to have acoustics, landscaping, special outdoor lighting, asbestos assessment/abatement, interior furnishings or some other specific needs. Coordination of these services can be included if so desired.


Our interior design services complement and coordinate by phase the services listed in the architectural design.

We have registered interior designers on staff. We provide interior design consultants that specialize in the particular area or project type as needed or required by the Owner. On a typical project, Designati is responsible for identification and specification of all interior finishes. The integration of architecture and interior design are key to the success of each project. Having a concept and design that can be featured through all elements of space is a discipline that Designati finds stimulating.

Interior design services we provide:

  • Accessories coordination
  • Acoustics
  • Art
  • Color coordination
  • Furniture selection
  • Graphic design
  • Lighting
  • Material selection
  • Modular furnishings
  • Move coordination
  • Space planning


Specialized consulting or general consulting services are offered by Designati focused uniquely for the client. With our experience in and understanding of quality design, this provides an enhancement in meeting unique needs of a project type. Additionally, Designati can provide consultation for special design needs and criteria outside the scope of our basic services in our full service contracts.

The services are:

  • General consulting services provided on an as needed or hourly basis for projects of limited scope.
  • Specialized consulting services provided in addition to the basic services in a traditional project delivery.
  • Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) consulting services provided for our clients with facility/facilities needing attention or the expertise of an architect. IDIQ projects typically involve multiple limited scope project delivery services.



We offer a reputation with an emphasis on personal involvement. As a small firm, all projects are directly administered by one of our partners. Two of our partners are highly-specialized, health care architecture professionals. This provides our clients with personalized service and an attention to the needs and goals of each particular project. We have worked with clients of many sizes and have fostered successful long-term and repeat working relationships. Our smallest client has a handful of clients and our largest clients have employees in many states. We see ourselves as a part of the team, unified and understanding of what must be done for the client, the project and ultimately, the healing process for its patients.

There are many related facets of health care architecture. Health care has a changing regulatory environment, and health care facilities can be complex building types. Planning and design are central to the success of each institution and to the effective performance of the staff environment. Designati delivers services that provide value to our clients, their patients and the community. We design facilities that are suitable for their function, allow impeccable maintenance and demonstrate aesthetic thought in design. Our efforts are centered around creating an environment that allows our clients to provide accessible, high quality, seamless, and integrated care delivery for the improvement of health and the health care environment. Our offerings are for various project types, in addition to handling the design and documentation process based on various “fast-tracked” and “trade-packaged” documentation systems.


Designati brings together an experienced team of medical planners, architects and engineers to provide the following services:

Acute Care
Administrative Facility
Alzheimer/Dementia Unit
Ambulatory Facility
Assisted Living
Cancer Center
Continued Care Facility
Diagnostic Facility
Emergency Department
Food Service
Geriatric Care
Gift Shop
Heart Lung Center
Laboratory Service
Laundry Service
Long-term Care
Medical Office
Medical Records
Multifamily Geriatric Housing
Nuclear Medicine
Occupational Medicine
Out Patient Clinic
Physical Plant
Physical Therapy Clinic
Plastic Surgery
Psychiatric Care
Recreational Facility
Research Facility
Retirement Facility
Skilled Nursing
Surgery Center
Surgery Suite
Trauma Center
Women’s Center



Designati offers design services that provide for the health, safety and welfare of the public and our clients.

Client resources are efficiently maximized through our building design that is both functional and cost effective for the public sector. We represent the client and the municipality with expertise and care, and our services are presented in a competent and highly skilled manner. Each member of our design team treats our client and the ones they serve with courtesy and professionalism. Our experience with municipalities has earned us a reputation for respecting their schedules and constraints.

Designati delivers a complete custom package of services to the municipal client. This is offered through comprehensive architectural services for the unique needs of municipalities. Combined with the firm’s specialties, such as planning, architecture and interior design, code compliance and construction phase services, we are unique in that we build a team of consultants suited for the individual project needs.


Architectural services offered are:

Budget studies
Building survey and analysis
Cost estimating services
Full design services
Interior design services
Life safety, fire and building code analysis
Master planning
Project cost analysis
Project programming
Space planning



Designati builds churches that are building for the future.

Our attention is focused on the needs of our client, and our history allows us to draw on the experience of design of both small and large project types. We work in partnership with our clients, normally with a building committee, during each stage of the project. We provide fund raising assistance as we look at being economically responsible to the affairs of the church. Our desire is to create a design to serve the needs of a congregation, as well as being fully supportive of its future impact to the community. We want your vision to become your church of tomorrow. A well-designed religious facility is expandable in an orderly, logical way and leaves the client with a flexible, adaptable building that can be used for other purposes.

Our church design types range from traditional to contemporary and we have worked with many denominations and religious affiliations. The core of Designati’s sacred space services is to assist the church in the fulfillment of its mission. A well-designed building encourages friendship, allowing people the opportunity to interact and reinforce their values. It allows the spaces in and around the building to fulfill the purpose of celebrating in the experience of worship.


We assist the church in the following areas:

Making wise, informed decisions about the church building
Providing fund raising assistance
Bringing the facility to standards and compliance with codes
Guidance with audio/video equipment design and installation
Documents for bidding and construction
Zoning and variances



Promoting an environment that encourages learning, discovery and creativity calls for consideration of current and future needs for the school and community.

Designati strives to offer creative solutions that are enhanced by the limitations and expectations generated by the regulatory jurisdictions and budget constraints. Our work produces safe and inviting environments that are supportive of the diversity in the educational process, facility administration and community involvement. Designati has developed high quality educational programming to meet the needs of the education provider.

We invest in quality through design excellence and provide superior services that focus on the health, safety and welfare of the public and our clients. The business of education requires consultation and cooperation of the design team. We seek to continuously improve our services through suggestions and participation of each team member and the client. Designati creates and designs facilities to impact an environment in helping to shape the future by enhancing the places where tomorrow’s leaders learn.



Commercial and Industrial design should mirror an acute understanding of the product or the service requirements.

Designati is experienced in developing partnerships between the public and private entities to create workable and profitable projects. We work with the client to attain the best possible efficiency in the market and to accommodate the greatest flexibility for future use. We utilize creative thinking and our project management skills to get the job done while meeting critical deadlines. Our clients receive superior results and value at a fair price because of the high quality service provided by Designati. As a professional provider, Designati is a valuable and desired asset.


Our team offers the following services:

Adaptive Reuse
Architecture Design
Civil Engineering
Construction Administration
Facility Layout And Design
Interior Design
Plan Development
Prototype Development
Prototype Site Adaptation
Space Planning
Structural Design
Tenant Improvements
Zoning and Variances



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