We offer a reputation with an emphasis on personal involvement. As a small firm, all projects are directly administered by one of our partners. Two of our partners are highly-specialized, health care architecture professionals. This provides our clients with personalized service and an attention to the needs and goals of each particular project. We have worked with clients of many sizes and have fostered successful long-term and repeat working relationships. Our smallest client has a handful of clients and our largest clients have employees in many states. We see ourselves as a part of the team, unified and understanding of what must be done for the client, the project and ultimately, the healing process for its patients.

There are many related facets of health care architecture. Health care has a changing regulatory environment, and health care facilities can be complex building types. Planning and design are central to the success of each institution and to the effective performance of the staff environment. Designati delivers services that provide value to our clients, their patients and the community. We design facilities that are suitable for their function, allow impeccable maintenance and demonstrate aesthetic thought in design. Our efforts are centered around creating an environment that allows our clients to provide accessible, high quality, seamless, and integrated care delivery for the improvement of health and the health care environment. Our offerings are for various project types, in addition to handling the design and documentation process based on various “fast-tracked” and “trade-packaged” documentation systems.


Designati brings together an experienced team of medical planners, architects and engineers to provide the following services:

Acute Care
Administrative Facility
Alzheimer/Dementia Unit
Ambulatory Facility
Assisted Living
Cancer Center
Continued Care Facility
Diagnostic Facility
Emergency Department
Food Service
Geriatric Care
Gift Shop
Heart Lung Center
Laboratory Service
Laundry Service
Long-term Care
Medical Office
Medical Records
Multifamily Geriatric Housing
Nuclear Medicine
Occupational Medicine
Out Patient Clinic
Physical Plant
Physical Therapy Clinic
Plastic Surgery
Psychiatric Care
Recreational Facility
Research Facility
Retirement Facility
Skilled Nursing
Surgery Center
Surgery Suite
Trauma Center
Women’s Center


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